Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surprising Signs # 2 - Suceava, Romania

This sign stands in the main square of the city of Suceava, Romania. It shows the distances to a number of major European cities, but the distance given at the bottom is certainly the most interesting one. It declares for all locals and visitors to see that the distance to the European Union is 0 kilometres. Apparently the city council of Suceava feels the need to assure people that their city really is within the boundaries of the EU. It also expresses a certain element of local pride in celebrating the accomplishment of Romania joining the EU, but I haven't seen a similar sign elsewhere in the newly expanded EU states. What do you think of this?


  1. Nicely spotted my friend!
    I visited Suceava on a somewhat grim day in april this year and noticed this sign aswell!

    It is indeed an expression of local pride. Nord-Est (Bucovina) is also the poorest region in Romania, so the general opinion about the whole EU thing among locals is probably positive.

  2. Hi Rasmusnl!
    Yes, I remember arriving in Suceava after a few days in Sibiu and thinking I'd arrived in a totally different country, Bucovina is a much less-developed region. I don't think the locals in Timisoara would put up a sign like this, they can see and feel the changes the EU has brought more directly.

    Cheers for your comments!